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 "An aural galaxy of sound... most extraordinary... wonderfully dreamlike and soothing"
-Ian Fraser, Terrascope

"Celestial and dazzling tonal architectures"
-Rick Broussard, New Hampshire Magazine

"Consistently leisurely, the flow dream-like, the sonorities pleasing to the ear, and the overall effect luxurious. Each setting unfolds with a graceful ease."
-Ron Schepper, textura


  "Imagine, if you will, the experience of hearing music from the other side of existence; songs being reflected back through the ether to your ears as whispers of their prior incarnations. This may sound like an outlandish idea, but put here to practice it is every bit as other-worldly a listening experience as it sounds. Rob Byrd takes this leap and explores the vast potential of his concept by masterfully applying various signal processing gear to his electric guitar, with resultant landscapes of sound which remind you of places you have never been, whisper to you of lives long past on, and echo of our lasting impressions upon this world- and those worlds beyond."
-Jessika Hulse, Gothic Beauty Magazine

"Shimmers like the Northern Lights, maybe composed of stars... a muted spectrum of melting shadows, the louder you play it the more affecting it becomes, as though some invisible sonic force is pushing the music at you."  
-Mick Mercer

"Soul Spaces demonstrates a soft-spoken cohesiveness... The tracks come together like an extended dream that envelops the listener in soft ripples of sound... the complexities of the music are subtle but undeniably present."
-Gail Brasie, Gothic Beauty

"Rob Byrd’s ambient guitar outing Soul Spaces is done right. A luxurious collection of spacious instrumentals."
-Kevin McFadin, Sunrise Ocean Bender